Israeli Army Chicks: Hot but Stupid

Published: Jun 2013 by Mr Reposter


So the Israeli army (IDF) is pissed that their young recruits have started posing in lingerie with military gear. I would suggest that there is no better advertising for joining the military than hot chicks wearing not much, but I’d also suggest to the girls involved that their actions are really stupid. They uploaded the pics to Facebook without their faces blurred and then are surprised that the image were passed around the internet…




I actually commend their taking of these photos because they make an absolute mockery of the idiotic policy of mandatory military service. To expect young people to throw away some of the greatest years of their lives in order to perpetuate Israel’s militaristic foreign policy is simply cruel. Normalising war is all part of their mission and if everyone in Israeli society can reflect together on the complete waste of time that military service is, then society will not start asking questions about its moral or political validity in a hurry.


In short, the reason I write this post is for it to be a lesson to young people everywhere: Anything you post on the internet (especially on Facebook) is (for all intents & purposes) public. If you are going to post pictures like these then you’d better blur your faces first. I have found originals of all of these pictures online which show the faces of every girl depicted. Originally I was going to post those unblurred images to reinforce the lesson to young people that they need to have more respect for their own privacy, but after seeing a litany of retarded anti-Semitic comments on the internet in search of these originals I’ve decided that these girls’ stupid mistakes should not become something that would put their safety at risk.


Bottom line: The military (in any country) is an ideal career for brain-dead morons. If you want to instantly show people that you’re a fucking robot incapable of complex thinking then join the military. If you want perpetual disrespect from me and any other human with more than 100 IQ then join the army. Throughout history the most intellectually gifted people have shunned militarism and war and there is a reason for it. If you want proof that compulsory military service is only for countries that are fucking shitholes then check out this list of countries that enforce military service for more than 18 months. Grow a pair, Israelis.. when are you going to tell your shitty government that you’re not going to suck their dick and say ‘thank you’ anymore?

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