Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Unbelievable Saudi Drifting

Published: Oct 2011 by Mr Reposter

As if doing these insane drifts in-between trucks and buses wasn’t enough these guys are riding with automatic weapons. Nice driving skills considering one of the cars is a Camry!

From the Youtube user comments:
Hagwalah is arab style drifting which has been around for many years. These guys go over the limit and only represent themselves…not everybody. I am just a cameraman!

Hagawlah is illegal and the people involved defy the police and government – a lot of them are actually in prison..

Please do not abuse whole religions/races – this has nothing to do with religion, it`s all about cars

KAZMiN Camry
ALro8y Sonata

[Via thatwillbuffout]

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