Free Maikel Nabil Sanad

Published: Apr 2011 by Mr Reposter

The Egyptian military has imprisoned Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad for “insulting the military establishment and spreading false information about the armed forces” [NYT]. His blog is full of interesting pieces and photographs which illustrate that the claims he has made are not “false information” and are in fact supported by international human rights organisations. The Egyptian military needs to free Maikel Nabil Sanad immediately if they want to have any chance of maintaining the Egyptian public’s support. These protests started based on people’s desire for free speech. That’s a pretty good illustration of why it is a stupid idea for the military to limit free speech now.

The internet is not controllable. The stupid military fucks who are trying to protect their own thugs against irrefutable and documented claims don’t understand that imprisoning Maikel will not make the claims go away – particularly when his website is not hosted in Egypt. The Streisand Effect is going to bite them in the ass as the world’s media and bloggers rally to support Maikel.
Here are some of the photos from the above-linked blog post which are pretty damming of the brutal military crackdown on civilians and media figures prior to Mubarak stepping down. The Egyptian military needs to grow up, take responsibility for their actions, stop trying to crush free speech and, most importantly, free Maikel Nabil Sanad NOW.

Egyptian Military Brutality

Marevelous Speech by Tarek Abdel-haleem (A Salafy Leader), discussing the role of the Army fighting the Egyptian Revolution

Army Solieders end demonstration by violence

Torturing of Muhammed Saad Ayyad, After the stepping down of Mubarak

Injuries from torture, on the body of Muhammed Ibraheem

Unexplained treatment form Army officers in Ismailia

A complete video of the invation of the Army on St Bishoy Monastery

A senior officer in the Army threats one of the demonstrators: I’ll kill you

Brutal actions against demonstrators in the dawn of 26 Feb. 2011

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