Milo Manara’s amazing illustration of human history

Published: Dec 2010 by Mr Reposter

Milo Manara - Man

Google image search gave me a winner yesterday when it randomly provided this image for the search term ‘evolution’. You can find all kinds of interesting stuff sometimes simply by asking Google image search to provide only large images (generally pulls up results over 1000 pixels wide).

This image is by the prolific Italian comic book author and artist Milo Manara, best-known for his erotica. A quick Google image search of his name gives you all kinds of quasi NSFW examples of his work.

Two other interesting examples of Google-provided goodness for the search term ‘evolution’ are the Nokia Evolution chart and the Tree of Evolution chart. Click below to enlarge.

Milo Manara - ManNokia EvolutionTree of Evolution

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