Replace the OSX trashcan with the Mac Pro trashcan

Published: Jun 2013 by Mr Reposter


Since Apple announced their 2013 Mac Pro design, every time I looked at my OSX trash can icon I kept thinking it should look like the new Mac Pro. So I made it happen. These are original icons made for and are CC-BY-SA licensed so don’t be a dbag and linkback if you post these elsewhere so I get some google juice.

The trash can has an ’empty’ & a ‘not empty’ state and OSX has 2 icon sizes by default so click here to download a .zip file which contains these 4 icons. It goes without saying that if you plan on changing your icons back at some stage then you need to make a backup before replacing them. It turns out to be very easy to change a default icon, simply locate the original icons in finder and replace them with the new ones. You can find the icons by following these steps in finder:

Mac HD > System > Library > Core Services >

Right click (option click) on ‘Dock’ and select ‘Show package contents’

Contents > Resources

The .png files you need to replace start with the word ‘trash’. Once you paste the new files into finder you’ll need to click ‘authenticate’ and ‘replace’ before putting in your administrator password as these icon files are system files and locked with password by default. Hope you all enjoy!


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