In Soviet Russia, arcade game plays you

Published: May 2011 by Mr Reposter
One of the 4 rooms in the museum Screenshot of a soviet-era arcade game
15 Kopek coins Basketball

3 years ago the fellows over at Wired visited the drool-worthy museum of soviet-era arcade games which is taking shape thanks to the hard work of a dedicated few aficionados. Today on Kotaku there is a republished article by Connal Hughes which is an update on the progress of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines.

The latest flickr gallery includes some video [1 2 3 4] of the adorably dated gameplay, as well as another gallery of posters for Soviet arcade games.

I was impressed to see that the museum’s official english language site has a playable version of this game:

If you have patience to navigate the russian-language site, you can also play these 3 games online:

Click the machine to play

From the original Wired article:
From the late ’70s to the early ’90s, Soviet military factories produced some 70 different video game models. Based largely (and crudely) on early Japanese designs, the games were distributed — in the words of one military manual — for the purposes of “entertainment and active leisure, as well as the development of visual-estimation abilities.”

Production of the games ceased with the collapse of communism, and as Nintendo consoles and PCs flooded the former Soviet states, the old arcade games were either destroyed or disappeared into warehouses and basements.

It was mostly out of nostalgia that four friends at Moscow State Technical University began scouring the country to rescue these old games. So far they have located 32 [Edit: they’re up to 40 now] of them and are doing their best to bring them back to life.

I hope I one day get to visit this museum as many hours of my childhood were spent playing comparably bad western arcade machines and I would love to see how our soviet brothers similarly whittled away the hours. I’m just glad machines here cost 20c to play, not the price of a small meal!

[Via BoingBoing – Images courtesy of Flickr user dangerous business via CC licence]

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