The petition project has been thoroughly debunked. Climate skeptics, get over it!

Published: Apr 2011 by Mr Reposter

The recent debate in Australia regarding anthropomorphic climate change has given new publicity to the thoroughly debunked ‘petition project’ which is a supposed collection of over 30,000 signatures of “scientists” who deny humans are responsible for climate change. My qualifying quotation marks above are not because I deny these signatures are real or that they belong to people who studied something, but the below two links comprehensively cover every ridiculous claim I have heard and read in public debate recently. Your information is junk. Get over it skeptics and stop holding us back.

From the first link at written by Kevin Grandia:
I thought it would be timely to once again break down this flawed piece of global warming denier propaganda after it was mentioned last night in Daily Show host Jon Stewart’s interview with US Energy Secretary of Energy, Dr. Stephen Chu.

.1% of Signers Have a Background in Climatology

The Petition Project website offers a breakdown of the areas of expertise of those who have signed the petition.

In the realm of climate science it breaks it breaks down as such:

Atmospheric Science (113)

Climatology (39)

Meteorology (341)

Astronomy (59)

Astrophysics (26)

So only .1% of the individuals on the list of 30,000 signatures have a scientific background in Climatology. To be fair, we can add in those who claim to have a background in Atmospheric Science, which brings the total percentage of signatories with a background in climate change science to a whopping .5%.

TEN POPULAR MYTHS About Global Climate Change

[Title image courtesy of NASA and its cool gallery of world historical temperature change images and data]

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