Nirvana exhibition opens in Seattle -> Who wants to buy me a plane ticket?

Published: Apr 2011 by Mr Reposter
Nirvana's first band flyer in which they are called by that name. Previous band names which are included on this flyer were Skid Row, Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew and Bliss A comp of the Nevermind album cover that was sent to the band by DGC's art director with notes in the margins about the baby nakedness
Kurt Cobain's "A New American Gothic" painting, which he created in 1984 while in High School The first guitar to meet its tragic fate at Kurt Cobain's hands. It was broken at a college dorm party on Halloween in 1988 where Nirvana was playing a show.

Nirvana – arguably the world’s most continuously popular grunge band – are being immortalised in a new exhibition going on in Seatlle at the mo’ entitled Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses. Above are a selection of images from the exhibition which has objects that range from Kurt’s high school art to the remnants of guitars that have been caressed by the Nirvana front man. The MTV article contains interesting tid-bits of information and a tonne of back-story given regarding their incredible rise to super-stardom.

At first I thought this was the world’s most short-lived exhibition, but then I read the dates more closely and realised that it is due to run from April 16 2011 until April 22 2013. Here are a couple of vids from MTV for those too lazy to actually read (I know it’s hard):

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