The Simpsons writers’ sneaky episodic surprise: Mc Bain – The Movie

Published: Feb 2011 by Mr Reposter

McBain Movie screenshot
“Bye Book” -Mc Bain

This is too amazing to be real… but it is. It seems the clever fellows who brought us The Simpsons have included a little treat for die-hard fans.

Any true Simpsons fan should remember the beloved Arnie stand-in Mc Bain, but what you may not know is that all of those little tongue-in-cheek critiques of Hollywood action movies that are spread across many episodes are, if pieced together in order, actually a coherent and complete storyline. Genius.

UPDATE: So it seems I can predict the future – 20th Century Fux have DMCAed the video at College Humor, but fear-not! I did some Googlin’ and found some links for you lovely people.

Click above to see, but be sure to download it if you like it because I’m sure Fox will be DMCAing the vid soon.

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