Break out the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) in defence of free speech and Wikileaks

Published: Dec 2010 by Mr Reposter

Operation Payback vs. Mastercard & Visa

Ever wanted to be a 133t h4x0r but couldn’t be bothered, you know, learning anything? Well lucky for you, DDoS has never been so easy! Technically, participating in a DDoS won’t make you a h4x0r (a DDoS usually doesn’t involve actual hacking of systems), but it does make you 133t… well, sort of.

A DDoS is, in my view, the online equivalent of a strike. The purpose of strike action is to render a company or service useless by blocking access to its front door by putting hundreds of people in the way. The purpose of a DDoS attack is to render a web service useless by sending thousands of requests for information, thereby blocking legitimate requests from getting through. Participating in a DDoS is technically illegal, but strike action is a legally protected right.. what gives?

In any case, you are probably safer participating in a DDoS than a real-world strike because the nature of the attack makes it easy to lie about. DDoS attacks require thousands of computers cooperating to simultaneously flood a target server with requests. Any network of this nature, also known as a ‘botnet’, are most often set up for nefarious purposes and can be set up secretly on users’ computers via distribution of an infected program file or virus. This is the beautiful loophole which makes participation in a DDoS pretty much safe because if any authority ever comes asking questions it is easy and legitimate to feign ignorance and blame a virus.

Some Anonymous related coders have put together a cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) tool called LOIC which anyone can easily download and install to join up with the serious DDoS war which is happening as I write. The software is available for download here: More information about LOIC over at Gizmodo.

On that page there are some big ugly warnings about malware (the powers that be want you to be scared of this), and the application will probably set off your antivirus software but it is widely accepted that LOIC is not a virus and will not in any way put your machine at risk. I have mirrored the page here in order to present a version which will not spit up false malware warnings – feel free to link this version to spread the word as novice computer users are often scared by any suggestion their PC may be at risk.

This is not a battle being fought by idealistic teenagers with nothing better to do – this is a legitimate war being waged against powers that seek their own profit and control over your growth and personal freedoms. Fuck them with a rusty metal pole – Nekromantik style.

Here is a video released by Anonymous back in October explaining Operation Payback:

[Via Gizmodo]
[Fire & Scope images courtesy of deviantart users shutupandwhisper & Jackar via CC licence Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported – shooped by Mr. Reposter]

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    RE: LOIC
    the ic may be a little stale by now but the intentionand the small band of heroes are more relevant than ever. just thought it migh be a good idea if they they had a connection – be it ever so oblique – to these guys or thier general movement at least….

    “People should not be afraid of their governments – Governments should be afraid of their people!”

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