A Letter from Anonymous

Published: Dec 2010 by Mr Reposter

Anonymous Letter

No guarantee on the authenticity of this letter, but it seems to fit with anons’ general style.

From the letter:
“It is here that we proclaim: Any individual, organization, corporation, and/or government entity which supports Freedom of Speech and a Free Internet is an ally of Anonymous. If you work to suppress Freedom of Expression and a Free Internet your efforts will be halted. Where others have made this promise and failed, we make this promise and aim to keep it for everyone. We would like to ask that you as a citizen, organization, media entity, or government do the same by joining us.”

You already know whose side I’m on.

Read the full letter here

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7 Comments to “A Letter from Anonymous”

  1. Average Joe says:

    Teach us technophobes how we can participate in this exciting and overdue cause.

  2. Mr Reposter says:

    Technophobe or technophile, anyone has the power to make a difference.

    Internet-based actions include:
    *Participation in subversive group activities as described in my earlier post.
    *Dissemination of Wikileaks material in any way possible & downloading the Insurance File, to ensure you have a copy if everything goes to hell.
    *Simple actions like using refresh thing to load target pages will also help (but only if it is a current target of AnonOps).

    Real-world actions include:
    *Calling up Mastercard/Visa and complaining. If you’ve got plenty of time and a big vendetta, you should also cancel your accounts. Companies understand losing money more than anything.
    *Spreading rumor that MC/Visa has lost system security, meaning everyones’ accounts are at risk.
    *Use cash as much as possible and under all circumstances avoid using PayPal or Amazon.
    *Complain to your local government representative about internet censorship.

  3. Wikileaks revealed so much terrible stuff… This is awful in so many ways and will haunt the US for a long time to come. The worst part of all is that it does nothing to secure this country or our soldiers! If anything, it makes life more dangerous for them.

  4. Mr Reposter says:

    Hi Latesha, Wikileaks has indeed revealed a lot of terrible stuff. It is awful to finally find out what US taxpayers dollars have been spent on over the last 10 years. Wikileaks’ revelations may add a minor level of danger to the job of soldiers in Afghanistan but the far bigger danger for their safety is the lies the public was given as a reason to fight these wars. Iraq, particularly is an example of where we need more answers. Almost 3500 US soldiers have lost their lives fighting in Iraq and Bush can still not give a credible reason why the US went to Iraq.

    The actions of the US Government have destroyed more lives than the Wikileaks revelations ever will, which is why you should be screaming for Bush to be lynched before worrying about the impact Wikileaks may have.

  5. Kolomon Moser says:

    It appears as though Julian Assange will at least be out on bail any minute but what about Bradley Manning? Solitary confinement for seven months so far without being tried and convicted of anything, without even a trial. That’s wrong!

  6. Smells like Spam says:

    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  7. Gaynell Ahyou says:

    Information that organizations are spending economic effort into concealing, that’s a really good signal that when the information gets out, there’s a hope of it doing some good.

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